business ideas for 12 year olds

Entrepreneurship at a young age can instill valuable skills and lessons that will last a lifetime. In today’s digital age, there are numerous business ideas that can be pursued by 12-year-olds to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. From selling handmade crafts online to providing pet care services in the neighborhood, there are endless possibilities for young minds to explore. This blog post will highlight some of the most innovative business ideas suitable for 12-year-olds, offering insights and inspiration for budding young entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Creativity is key: Encourage 12 year olds to think outside the box and come up with unique business ideas.
  • Focus on hobbies and interests: Help them identify what they are passionate about and turn it into a profitable venture.
  • Teach valuable skills: Use the business idea as an opportunity to teach entrepreneurship, marketing, customer service, and financial management.

Home-based Business Ideas

Arts and Crafts Selling

Any 12-year-old with a creative flair can start their own business by selling arts and crafts. From handmade jewelry to custom artwork, there are endless possibilities to showcase your creativity and make a profit. You can sell your products online through platforms like Etsy or at local craft fairs. Remember to price your items competitively and market them effectively to stand out from the competition.

Baking and Cooking Ventures

For aspiring young chefs, starting a baking and cooking venture can be a lucrative home-based business idea. Whether you specialize in cupcakes, cookies, or savory dishes, there is a growing market for homemade goodies. You can sell your treats to friends, family, and neighbors, or even at local farmers’ markets. Be sure to comply with food safety regulations and invest in quality ingredients to ensure the success of your venture.

Outdoor Business Opportunities

Gardening Services

The demand for gardening services is always high, making it a lucrative business opportunity for young entrepreneurs. Offering services like lawn mowing, weeding, and planting can help you earn money while enjoying the outdoors. With some basic gardening tools and knowledge about plants, you can start offering your services to neighbors and family friends. Consider creating packages or subscription services for regular maintenance to attract more customers.

Car Wash and Detailing

Outdoor car wash and detailing services can be a profitable venture for 12-year-olds interested in cars and cleaning. Providing car washes, waxing, interior vacuuming, and detailing can help car owners keep their vehicles in top condition. You can set up your services in a local park or driveway with permission from the authorities. Consider offering different packages such as basic wash, premium wash, and detailing to cater to various customer needs.

Tech and Online Business Ideas

Blogging and Content Creation

The internet has created endless opportunities for young entrepreneurs to start their own blogs and create content on topics they are passionate about. All it takes is a computer, internet connection, and some creativity to get started. Whether it’s writing about your favorite hobbies, reviewing products, or sharing your knowledge on a specific subject, blogging can be a fun and rewarding business venture for 12-year-olds.

Digital Design and Selling Art

Online platforms like Etsy, Redbubble, and Society6 provide a great opportunity for artistic 12-year-olds to design and sell their artwork. Whether it’s digital illustrations, handmade crafts, or custom designs, there is a market out there for unique and creative pieces. With a bit of marketing and promotion, young entrepreneurs can turn their passion for art into a profitable online business.

To succeed in the digital design and selling art business, it’s important for 12-year-olds to focus on creating high-quality, original content that stands out from the competition. Building a strong brand presence, engaging with customers, and constantly improving your design skills can help you attract more buyers and grow your online business successfully.

Service-Oriented Business Ideas

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Keep in mind that pet sitting and dog walking can be an excellent business venture for 12-year-olds who love animals. Any responsible and animal-loving child can offer these services to neighbors or family friends while earning some extra money. It’s important to make sure to respect the pet owners’ rules and care for the animals with utmost responsibility.

Tutoring Services

For 12-year-olds with strong academic skills, starting a tutoring service can be a great way to share knowledge and help peers who may be struggling in certain subjects. The key to success in tutoring services is to be patient and understanding with the students. It’s crucial to maintain a good relationship with parents and always prioritize the student’s learning and growth.

Marketing and Managing Your Business

Basic Marketing Strategies for Young Entrepreneurs

For young entrepreneurs looking to market their business, start by focusing on using social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube to reach a younger audience. Use visually appealing content to showcase your products or services and engage with potential customers through contests or giveaways. Collaborating with other young influencers or entrepreneurs can also help increase your reach and credibility.

Financial Management and Savings

Basic financial management is crucial for the success of any business. For young entrepreneurs, it’s important to keep track of all expenses and income using a simple spreadsheet. Set aside a portion of your earnings for savings or future investments. Understand the basics of budgeting and avoid unnecessary expenses to ensure the financial stability and growth of your business.

The key to financial success as a young entrepreneur lies in discipline and smart decision-making. It’s crucial to avoid overspending and prioritize saving for the future. By monitoring your finances closely and making informed decisions, you can ensure the long-term sustainability of your business.

Final Words

Upon reflecting on various business ideas suitable for 12-year-olds, it is evident that there are plenty of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to explore. From starting a lawn care service to creating handmade crafts, there are numerous ways for children to learn valuable skills like responsibility, time management, and budgeting. Encouraging creativity, resourcefulness, and a strong work ethic at a young age can set the foundation for a successful entrepreneurial future. It is important to support and guide these young minds towards their goals and dreams, nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit every step of the way. Ultimately, the possibilities are endless for 12-year-olds looking to start their own small business and make a positive impact in their community.


Q: What are some business ideas for 12 year olds?

A: Some business ideas for 12 year olds include starting a pet sitting service, creating handmade crafts to sell, offering tutoring services in a subject they excel at, running a lemonade stand, or starting a small baking business.

Q: How can a 12 year old start their own business?

A: A 12 year old can start their own business by first identifying their interests and skills, conducting market research to understand their target audience, creating a business plan outlining their products or services, setting up a budget, and finding ways to promote their business, such as through social media or community events.

Q: Are there any legal considerations for 12 year olds starting a business?

A: Yes, there are legal considerations for 12 year olds starting a business. They may need a parent or guardian to oversee certain aspects of the business, such as signing contracts or managing finances. It’s also important to check local laws and regulations regarding child labor and business permits for minors.

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